Our Management Team

Michael Talan

Chief executive officer
Michael has 15 years’ career in IT. in 2005-2013 he was an integral part of the legendary sales force at Oracle Corporation and developed an intricate planning process for every client interaction and a paramount customer obsession by clearly conducting client needs assessments, analyzing requirements, leading client communications, stakeholder engagement and mitigating project risks.

He built a team at Oracle Corporation that implemented large scale systems for several fortune 500 clients in the application space;

He went to Berkeley-Haas for his MBA and launched Itmost after the graduation. Michael resides in Berkeley, CA and runs the US team at Itmost.
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Anton Vysotsky

Chief technology officer
Anton devoted his time to programming languages and software development projects, he started his career at Sun Microsystems in 2002 as a software engineer, became a manager in Oracle's Java development center after, led Java test center for in Oracle Corporation for 4 years afther the acquisition and left Oracle after 15 years endeavor.

He has unmatched experience of managing global software development projects and learnt how to deliver software on-time in a very complicated environments.
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Yury Smirnov

VP of Business Development
Yuri has more than 20 years of combined experience in enterprise applications, e-commerce and software development. In his career, Yuri gained broad international experience at global firms such as Microsoft (Central and Eastern Europe), PWC (US), and Accenture (UK), where he grew from management consultant to director position.

In addition, Yuri brings more than 12 years of SAP R/3 and MS Dynamics 365 experience including establishing and growing SAP consulting firm with Fortune 500 clients (currently subsidiary of Axon Group).

At ITMOST, Yuri’s focus is on digital transformation with the aim to improve clients' operational and cost efficiencies by migrating SAP clients from on-premises to the AWS cloud.
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