About us

Itmost is one of the fastest-growing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partners in the world with focus on cost related services and SAP infrastructure, helping companies enable, operate, and innovate on the cloud.

From migration strategy and implementation to operational excellence and immersive transformation, we are a full spectrum AWS integrator. Itmost is a Californian based S-Corporation that operates under US law and works with clients over 4 continents and in 15 countries.

Our Story

Itmost and AWS have very similar roots - they came into the world incidentally. At Itmost’s inception, nobody thought it would become what it has. It all began in 2014, when Michael, the founder of the company, was an MBA student at Berkeley-Haas and received a call from a large Oracle ERP client, then the biggest AWS client in Eastern Europe.

The client set up its development center in Moscow and could not find an experienced AWS cost optimization team nearby, while experiencing exponential growth in their AWS bill, certainly where nobody wants to see even linear growth. Michael had absolutely zero experience with AWS but was looking for post MBA opportunities, and decided to jump into the endeavor.

Berkeley pier. The place where at one day in 2014 Michael decided to launch Itmost.

Instead of finding AWS cost optimization company in the Bay Area in 2014, the epicenter of start-ups where AWS skills were ubiquitous, Michael hired a small team of AWS gurus and two months later the client signed a contract with Itmost for cost control, cost optimization and cost monitoring, and Itmost came into the world.

Since then, cost-related AWS services have become our primary area of expertise. Ironically, despite having been established just 3 years ago, we have already witnessed a substantial shift in the market where we work. Three, two, and even one year ago when we promoted our services, we would talk about EC2 sizing, dormant EC2s, inefficient traffic routes, unjust anathema of reserved instances, storage policies, misuse of glacier, very expensive RDS, and few other areas where we have built competence. Today we see that the migration from a classical AWS to serverless AWS gives even bigger savings for clients and we are building a dedicated team of Dev-Ops/Sysops and Architects to address “Cloud Migration v2.0” AWS to AWS serverless.

We are very passionate about our job and can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to contribute for your cloud success.